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MuleSoft partners with Salesforce

Integration software company, MuleSoft, has partnered with Salesforce to provide a single patient record and patient-centred care as part of the launch of Salesforce Health Cloud.

Mar 02 | Read more


Capitol Health and Enlitic partner to use AI on human body

Diagnostic imaging service company, Capitol Health, has partnered with San Francisco-based deep learning startup, Enlitic LLC, to commercialise the company’s deep learning and artificial intelligence (AI) in radiology and health care in clinics across Australia.

Oct 28 | Read more


IBM partners with GIG Radiology

Diagnostic imaging company, GIG Radiology, has selected IBM Cloud to enhance the processing time and availability of diagnostic images which could lead to quicker treatment for patients.

Sep 24 | Read more

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Anatomy of a Hack Disrupted

With malware threats growing larger and more challenging to cope with each year, organisations can no longer rely on signature-based scanning of machines to identify these threats. Find out in this whitepaper how a comprehensive approach can ensure threats are automatically detected, isolated, identified, and disrupted well before any damage can be done.


Detecting a Phising Email

It is critical to take proactive measures to protect yourself and your organisation’s security. Being vigilant and educating staff on the potential dangers of phising emails is a critical step in protection. This infographic illustrates the 10 things you need to know spot and handle phising email.


PCI: It’s Not Just for Card Companies Anymore

Companies and retailers that process credit and debit cards are required to implement the requirements of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). This ebook looks at why many now feel that this standard should also be implemented by companies that are not required to do so due to its many benefits.


Responding to Today’s Advanced Threats

True enterprise security intelligence requires real-time awareness and an understanding of all data traversing the network. Find out in this product review how you can get visibility to detect threats to the organization and responding to them in a timely fashion.


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