In Pictures: 5 telemedicine startups that bring healthcare to you

Telemedicine is bringing the doctor's house call into the 21st century with on-demand visits to your physician using your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Here are five telemedicine companies that are shaking up healthcare in big ways.

In Pictures: 5 telemedicine startups that bring healthcare to you next


5 companies shaking up healthcare Waiting in a doctor’s office isn’t the most pleasant way to spend your time. Surrounded by sick kids and hacking coughs, you may even wonder if you’ll leave with something worse than you came in with. That’s one reason telemedicine is booming. Other reasons include keeping waiting room times down, serving patients in rural areas or keeping a close eye on newborns. And it makes sense. If you can attend a meeting virtually or talk to a friend across the country, why shouldn’t you be able to visit your doctor with the same ease?

Professionals agree that telemedicine can help reshape our overburdened healthcare industry, even if 41 percent of people have no idea what telemedicine can offer. But a lack of public recognition for telehealth isn’t stopping healthcare providers from realizing that it can help cut costs, shorten wait times, bring healthcare to people in rural areas and help keep at-risk patients healthy by providing quick check ins. Insurance companies are catching on, with major companies making telemedicine more affordable by extending coverage to this new wave of healthcare.

Add to this the fact that the transition to telehealth services should be painless when you consider that most Americans have access to at least one camera-enabled device, be it a laptop, smartphone or a tablet. With the technology already in Americans’ hands, all companies need to do is provide the service. Here are five companies that are shaking up healthcare with unique telemedicine services.

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In Pictures: 5 telemedicine startups that bring healthcare to you

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